Best Cloud Access Security Broker Solutions for 2023

Best Cloud Access Security Broker Solutions for 2023

Any pall- grounded structure needs a robust pall access security broker result to insure data and operation security and integrity.

With the relinquishment of pall- grounded operations and services growing exponentially, especially as a result of the dramatic growth in remote work in response to the COVID- 19 epidemic, further than ever associations need to cover their data and IT systems from pall- grounded pitfalls. pall access security brokers are decreasingly a critical element of the Secure Access Service Edge( SASE) as edge and pall security come the newest pain points.

Choosing the right CASB provider will save time, trouble and plutocrat – in addition to icing that enterprises stay defended against arising pitfalls. We precisely surveyed the field and present below our recommendations for the top CASB merchandisers and assiduity-wide wisdom for buyers.

Top 10 CASB results

We estimated a wide range of CASB merchandisers across multiple data points and product features to make it easier for you to make a thorough assessment of their features, strengths and limitations. Independent tests, stoner reviews, seller information and critic reports were among the sources used in our analysis.

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  1. Broadcom Broadcom’s result for addressing visibility into pall operation security is the Symantec CloudSOC CASB. Big cybersecurity accessions of Blue Coat Systems and Symantec this decade point to the roots of Broadcom’s CASB posture. Paired with the Symantec pall data loss forestallment( DLP) result, the Symantec DLP Cloud includes CASB Audit, CASB for SaaS and IaaS, and CASB Gateway. Broadcom Features Deep content examination and environment analysis for visibility into how sensitive data travels API- grounded inline deployment for fast threat scoring, behavioral analysis, and discovery nonstop monitoring of unsanctioned operations, malware, security programs, and more Deployment routes like endpoints, agentless, web, deputy chaining, and unified authentication Central policy machine for controlling how druggies and apps access and use data Recognition for Broadcom In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers, Broadcom was a Challenger in 2020. On Gartner Peer perceptivity, Broadcom holds an average4.4/ 5 stars with over 190 reviews. Features stressed in reviews included product capabilities for visibility, compliance and data security, and ease of deployment. For the Forrester Wave for Cloud Security Gateways, Broadcom was dubbed a Leader in 2021.
  2. Censornet A part of the seller’s Autonomous Security Engine( ASE) result, Censornet Cloud Access Security Broker comes integrated with adaptivemulti-factor authentication and dispatch and web security. Censornet Features Deployment options by deputy or agents for Windows and macOS and mobile bias Multiple security layers to cover against pall pitfalls and malware threat assessment, standing, and categorization for pall operations grainy policy- setting control by stoner, part, device, network, and function Discovery for all pall operations in use to gain visibility of a pall terrain Recognition for Censornet In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers, Censornet was a Niche Player in 2017 and 2018. Features stressed in reviews included client support and concentrate on compliance. For the Forrester Wave for Cloud Security Gateways, Censornet was a Challenger in 2021.
  3. Forcepoint For critical pall security tools, Forcepoint’s CASB products address Cloud Governance for operation visibility and threat assessment, Cloud Audit & Protection for real- time exertion monitoring and analytics, and other use cases like DLP, discovery and further. Forcepoint has added to its CASB immolations with technology accessions from Imperva and Bitglass. Forcepoint Features Native stoner behavioral analysis for profiling app pitfalls and business impact Customizable and advanced threat criteria for assessing pall app trouble posture Interoperability with Identity- as-a-Service( IDaaS) mates like Okta, Ping, and Centrify Discovery, risking scoring, and operation data for pall operations Integrate CASB data in Common Event Format for being SIEM surroundings Recognition for Forcepoint In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers, Forcepoint was a Niche Player in 2018 and 2019 before getting a Visionary in 2020. With over 260 reviews on Gartner Peer perceptivity, features stressed include bettered compliance and threat operation and functional edge. For the Forrester Wave for Cloud Security Gateways, Imperva was a Contender in 2016 and 2017, and Forcepoint was a Strong Pantomime in 2021. Bitglass’s CASB result has long been respected by assiduity judges. In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers, Bitglass was a Visionary in 2017 before earning Leader status the last three reports. On Gartner Peer perceptivity, Bitglass holds an average4.5/ 5 stars with over 150 reviews. Features stressed in reviews included its data security capabilities and quality of specialized support. For the Forrester Wave for Cloud Security Gateways, Bitglass has been a Contender in the three reports released between 2016 and 2021.
  4. Iboss iboss’s CASB immolations are particularly useful for social media and Google and Microsoft cloud operations. The product is well rated by druggies and judges likewise. iboss Features insure enterprise data transfers remain in native pall accounts and are defended at rest Out- of- band deployment options via APIs from MS365, Google, and Box Policy operation grounded on druggies, groups, and information penetrated for data security Native integration with Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Easy- to- use dashboard displaying operation and operation data for ongoing visibility Recognition for iboss In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways, iboss was a Visionary in 2020. On Gartner Peer perceptivity, iboss holds an normal of4.6/ 5 stars with over 70 reviews. Features stressed in reviews included pricing and contract inflexibility, support, and understanding customer requirements. In the seller’s first appearance on the Forrester Wave for Cloud Security Gateways, iboss was a Strong Pantomime in 2021.
  5. Lookout Bolstered by the accession of CipherCloud, Lookout boasts a number of advanced CASB features like DLP, UEBA, zero trust, integrated endpoint security, and more. Lookout Features overlook literal pall data for open train shares, vulnerable information, and more Security functionality for DLP, discovery, encryption, and digital rights operation erected- in stoner and reality geste analytics( UEBA) assessing business, bias, and druggies Integration with enterprise mobility operation( EMM) results for endpoint programs environment- apprehensive markers including stoner, group, position, device type, zilches, and geste Recognition for Lookout In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers, CipherCloud was a Challenger in 2017 before the jump to Visionary for the last three reports. Features stressed in reviews for CipherCloud and Lookout include punctuality of seller support and data security features. For the Forrester Wave for Cloud Security Gateways, CipherCloud was dubbed a Strong Pantomime in 2016 and 2017.
  6. McAfee/ Skyhigh Note McAfee’s pall business is now Skyhigh Security, while McAfee Enterprise is under the Trellix name after incorporating with FireEye, so the McAfee CASB tool is now part of Skyhigh’s SASE platform. McAfee’s MVISION Cloud claims the “ largest and most accurate registry of pall services, ” AI and machine literacy functionality, DLP, encryption and further. Office 365 is a particular strength. McAfee Features Central policy machine with options for templates, importing, and custom policy creation grainy access policy options by stoner, attributes, IP address, position, device, or exertion Machine literacy for stoner geste analytics and detecting vicious or careless geste Access to 261- point threat assessments and conditions of material pall operations Integrations with being security software like SIEM, SWG, NGFW, and EMM Recognition for McAfee In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers, McAfee was a Leader as Skyhigh Networks in 2017 and as McAfee the last three reports. On Gartner Peer perceptivity, McAfee holds an normal of4.6/ 5 stars with over 340 reviews. Features stressed in reviews included quality of specialized support and product capabilities like visibility and data security. For the Forrester Wave for Cloud Security Gateways, Skyhigh was a Leader in 2016 and 2017 and McAfee most lately was a Strong Pantomime in the 2021 report.
  7. Microsoft Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps addresses DLP, compliance, discovery, access and other security functions across social media, SaaS apps, dispatch and further. Office 365 is, of course, a particularly strong use case. Microsoft Features overlook pall structure for compromised druggies, mischief apps, and known malware Governance and compliance reporting for OAuth- enabled apps penetrating MS365 Real- time controls for remediating trouble geste linked at access points Over 90 threat factors and,000 available app threat and business assessments Central view of pall security configuration gaps with remediation recommendations Recognition for Microsoft In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers, Microsoft was a Niche Player in 2017, Challenger in 2018, and Leader the last two times. On Gartner Peer perceptivity, Microsoft holds an normal of4.5/ 5 stars with over 210 reviews. Features stressed in reviews included integrations and ease of deployment and director visibility. For the Forrester Wave for Cloud Security Gateways, Microsoft was a Challenger in 2016 and 2017 before jumping to Leader in 2021.
  8. Netskope Netskope has long been a leader in CASB technology, with nonstop security assessment and compliance. The CASB colonist claims “ unexampled visibility and real- time data and trouble protection when penetrating pall services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device. ” The company has also packaged together a number of immolations as a SASE result. Netskope Features Encryption at rest or managed in real- time with pukka bucks 140- 2 position 3 KMS Integrations with plenitude of productivity, SSO, pall storehouse, EMM, and security operations Access to 40 trouble intelligence feeds informing the discovery of anomalous geste Dashboard adding up all business, druggies, and bias for SaaS, IaaS, and web conditioning part- grounded access control for director, critic, and other privileged stoner places Recognition for Netskope In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers, Netskope is the only seller to be a Leader in each of the last four reports. On Gartner Peer perceptivity, Netskope holds an normal of4.6/ 5 stars with over 150 reviews. Features stressed in reviews included product performance and access to quality end- stoner training and third- party coffers. For the Forrester Wave for Cloud Security Gateways, Netskope was a Contender in 2016 and 2017 and a Strong Pantomime in 2021.
  9. Palo Alto Networks Palo Alto Networks has brought its considerable security moxie to bear on the CASB and SaaS protection request with an immolation that includes SaaS monitoring, compliance, DLP and trouble protection, plus strong integration with Palo Alto firewalls and access results. Palo Alto Networks Features Native integration with visage’s VM- Series, NGFW, and Prisma Access results Advanced DLP functionality via deep literacy, NLP, and optic character recognition( OCR) Examiner exertion with reviews of business, anchorages, protocols, HTTP/ S, FTP, and PrivateVPN erected- in data security reporting for compliance auditing similar as GDPR

400 operation orders for setting threat attributes, controls, and policy

Recognition for Palo Alto Networks

In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers, Palo Alto Networks was a Niche Player three times between 2017 and 2019. On Gartner Peer perceptivity, Palo Alto Networks holds an normal of4.5/ 5 stars with over 80 reviews. Features stressed in reviews included ease of deployment, quality of support, and enhanced visibility.

  1. Proofpoint

Enterprise cybersecurity company Proofpoint’s Cloud App Security Broker( CASB) is a stoner and DLP-focused result for revealing shadow IT exertion and managing the use of third- party SaaS operations.

Proofpoint Features

A growing roster of,000 apps containing attributes for type and threat categorization

Identify VAPs( veritably Attacked People) and set applicable boons for sensitive access

Deployment options for integrating with SOAR, IAM, and pall- service APIs

nonstop DLP controls and programs across endpoints, web, dispatch, and pall operations

trouble discovery grounded on the rearmost trouble intelligence and stoner-specific contextual data

Recognition for Proofpoint

In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers, Proofpoint was a Visionary in 2018 and Challenger in the last two reports. On Gartner Peer perceptivity, Proofpoint holds an normal of4.4/ 5 stars with over 70 reviews. Features stressed in reviews included the evaluation and constricting process and ease of integration using standard APIs.

Your companion to Cloud Access Security Brokers

Our recommendations for pall access security brokers( CASB) come from times of covering the enterprise migration to the pall and the security ramifications due to that shift. As associations, labor force, and consumers borrow pall- erected or pall- grounded operations, security architectures have to take their fight to the network edge.

Below is eSecurityPlanet ‘s companion to pall access security brokers covering what CASBs are and how they work, why they ’re a critical tool for enterprise security, and how to emplace CASB for your association.

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What’s CASB?

A CASB is pall- grounded or on- demesne security software deposited between druggies and pall services, both sanctioned and unsanctioned, whether those druggies are on- point or remote. CASBs play the critical part of administering enterprise security programs for penetrating pall services. First defined by Gartner in 2012, they add CASBs “ interject enterprise security programs as the pall- grounded coffers are penetrated. ” Security features included in CASB results include

Authentication, authorization, and SSO

Credential mapping

Device profiling

Encryption and tokenization

Logging and waking

Malware discovery and forestallment

Why Do You Need a CASB?

The explosion in internet- enabled technology has created a reliance on digital advancements like pall computing. still, the increase in internet-accessible coffers comes with the essential security pitfalls posed by the worldwide web. Enterprise firewalls, web gateways( SWGs), and web operation firewalls( WAF) all strengthened associations ’ security posture, but they failed to offer pall-specific security.

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guarding operations

Data and operations are moving down from private data centers and leaving behind a mound of on- demesne security results that offer network visibility, access, data loss forestallment( DLP), trouble protection, and breach logging. The pall’s preface of SaaS products has moved data from private, on- demesne DCs to cloud- grounded operations. also, druggies have extensively espoused pall operations because penetrating these tools outside of work and ever is easier than ever. The added threat to operations and data on the network edge makes tools like CASB essential for pall- grounded security.

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Remote Work And BYOD

The consequence of pall and mobile proliferation means data and druggies live beyond the on- demesne security structure. Where heritage security systems could effectively cover original network business, CASBs have taken the mantle of monitoring and authenticating access in the pall for a world followership.

As associations have espoused remote work and permitted particular bias( BYOD) for staff, the pall offers open access to unmanaged or unsanctioned bias that the stoner can authenticate. This reality presents a security vulnerability because the data that lives in the material pall operations could be downloaded with little trouble. Without a CASB in place, getting visibility into the array of access points is a significant roadblock to perfecting security.

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The Cloud Business Enabler

The pall is then to stay, and associations are rushing to borrow pall- grounded service models thanks to its affordability, scalability, and performance. Within associations, the pall operations in use are n’t always the same authorized by the IT department. While thisnon-IT use of technology can take up established coffers, numerous assiduity leaders have verified the benefits of similar unsanctioned exertion dubbed shadow IT. The use of unmanaged pall services can bring essential tools to the association’s van and speed relinquishment. While by no means an ironclad process of opting operations for company use, shadow IT can produce a ground between the IT platoon and business that eventually enhances the association in the long term.

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CASB Benefits and enterprises

Benefits Of CASB

CASBs control pall operation and data access by combining a variety of security policy enforcement conditions. They can manage single sign- on, logging, authentication and authorization, device profiling, encryption, and tokenization and descry, alert, and help malware attacks. Benefits of planting a CASB include

circumscribe unauthorized access

Identify account appropriations

Uncover shadow pall IT

pall data loss forestallment( DLP)

Internal and external data access controls

Record an inspection trail of parlous geste

pall phishing and malware pitfalls

nonstop monitoring for new pall risks

Other benefits noted by assiduity adopters include reduced costs and increased dexterity, and outsourced tackle, masterminds, and law development.

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Auditing Network operations

As we touch on, outside of every IT department lives unsanctioned technology known as shadow IT. While inoffensive in utmost cases, wandering labor force using unsanctioned tools pose a security threat to the association. IT departments estimate the network security posture, material configurations, and stoner training demanded to emplace the product stylish before enforcing operations. Without these way and close attention to detail, workers could be agreeing to terms of use and downloading operations that are in direct conflict with the association’s internal or compliance norms.

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How CASB Works

CASB can be API- grounded or deputy- grounded, where a forward deputy can control managed bias and a rear deputy for unmanaged bias. A CASB’s capability to descry unsanctioned pall operations( shadow IT), cipher business, and identify sensitive business is inestimable to network security.

CASB results are n’t a one- size- fits- all product. SaaS operations moment have specialized APIs that bear a compatible CASB to cover the operation’s specific business. Enterprise associations can have a suite of CASB results to cover the network’s pall operation business.

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Stylish Practices for Implementing CASB

A CASB is an unusual security result in that it spans the pall and on and off- demesne druggies, so deployment can be tricky. For a successful rollout, keep the following stylish practices in mind.

  1. figure Visibility The first step is to gain visibility into current pall operation. structure visibility into your network’s relationship with the pall means diving into pall operation account operation and relating exertion by stoner, operation, department, position, and bias used. assaying web business logs will offer a good reference point and will allow you to estimate what enterprise or SMB CASB is applicable.
  2. Forecast Risk The alternate step is to develop a pall threat model grounded on the visibility into the network’s standard operation patterns. Whether a hacker has gained access with blurted credentials or a former hand still has access to the association’s pall operations, these are both cases of threat that the network director must consider. Unsanctioned access can be dangerous when druggies have vicious intent and the capability to steal or cancel critical data. Organizations can extend being threat models or develop technical threat models grounded on the demanded security configurations.
  3. Release The CASB The third and final step involves applying the threat model to the current shadow pall operation and planting your CASB for action. With the threat model defined, the enterprise can apply use programs across all pall services. The IT platoon can assign threat scores and classify pall services for indeed further visibility into network services moving forward. When onboarding the CASB is complete, directors can rest assured that their network and pall structure examiner business, cover against pitfalls, fill the DLP gap, and insure compliance concerning data sequestration and security. After deployment, network directors and security judges must give attention to CASB exertion and insure it’s performing duly for its intended use. numerous associations start small on this process by integrating CASB for an original operation and analysis before integration across the network. Also Read How to apply Zero Trust Types of CASB Deployment Not all CASB services are created inversely, including how they can be stationed. Three styles have surfaced as the most popular using forward and reverse delegates for inline deployment or APIs for out- of- band deployment. Inline Deployment Forward And Reverse delegates A forward deputy is deposited near to druggies and can deputy business to multiple pall services. CASBs check pall business for druggies and employ an SSL man- in- the- middle fashion to steer business to the CASB forward deputy. sorely, the strike of using a forward deputy is that each device penetrating the deputy requires the installation of tone- inked instruments, and an excess of druggies can beget quiescence. For apropos bias, business is diverted to PAC lines, unique DNS configurations, third- party agents, advanced forwarding, chaining, or valve mechanisms. A rear deputy is deposited near to the pall operation and can integrate into Identity- as-a-Service( IDaaS) and IAM results and does n’t bear particular configuration or instrument installation. Rear delegates admit requests from the pall operation, apply predefined security rules, and pass the stoner’s request. Also Read Application Security Vendor List for 2021 Out- Of- Band Deployment API- Grounded CASBs generally sit in the business path between druggies and pall platforms; still, out- of- band deployment uses asynchronous APIs to do the job. APIs admit all pall business from log events to the configuration state necessary to produce and apply the applicable security programs. Out- of- band CASB deployment enables amicable change for operation geste , north- south and east- west business content, and retrospective policy enforcement for data- at- rest and all new business. Gartner points out that APIs ’ development and their capability to offer real- time visibility and control could mean the end of deputy- grounded styles for planting CASB. CASB and Identity Management Identity and authentication operation are growingly pivotal for a world of remote druggies connecting to operations and data in the pall. Identity and access operation( IAM) products have grown to cover a suite of tools like directory services, web operation SSO, honor access operation( PAM), and 2FA. Meanwhile, CASBs can be stationed to work with being IAM or Identity as-a-Service( IdP) results. Gartner exploration director Erik Wahlstrom noted, “ They do n’t replace IAM, but do give visibility and control back to IAM. ” CASB supplements IAM immaculately by furnishing geste monitoring andcross-application security configuration, while IAM ensures authenticated druggies. Also Read Stylish IAM Software CASB Market Trends CASB is n’t the only pall security product on the request, but it appears to be the most popular and has been a high enterprise security precedence for some time. Gartner data showed CASB relinquishment growing at a 40 emulsion periodic growth rate( CAGR) the coming many times, well above alternate- place encryption software at 24. Remote access and BYOD trends quickened by the COVID- 19 epidemic have added to that growing demand. Securing Your Cloud Exposure Once the pall threat model is enforced, companies can use CASBs to streamline the onboarding process for new pall services. The CASB registry contains the pall service autographs, helping reduce the due industriousness demanded in unborn trials. Just as the pall is n’t going down, neither are the pall- grounded security products known as CASB. Our top picks for CASB merchandisers offer grainy access control, data security, and protection against the rearmost pall pitfalls. Also Read Top Cloud Security Companies & Tools eSecurityPlanet’s Methodology We estimated a wide range of CASB merchandisers across multiple data points and product features to make it easier for you to make a thorough assessment of their features, strengths, and limitations. Independent tests, stoner reviews, seller information, and critic reports were among the sources used in our analysis.

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